Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

CRM for Grantmakers: It's About More Than Relationships 

Minneapolis, MN; April 28, 2017: For years, Bromelkamp Company LLC has been recognized as a leading provider of integrated software for foundations and grantmakers. Many know that the leaders and consultants of Bromelkamp Company also bring years of expertise as grantmakers and thought leaders. Bromelkamp Company product developers recognize that the evolution of software function depends on the demands of the end user - who today is focused on better tracking of all matters related to donors, grant seekers, and community stakeholders. Recognizing that software is half of the solution, and the other half is putting the solution to work using an organization's processes and data management, Henry A. Bromelkamp, President of Bromelkamp Company LLC, is conducting free interactive sessions emphasizing an organization's relationship management. No matter which software solution you use, this discussion will influence how you work.

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Keweenaw Community Foundation Chooses Community 

Minneapolis, MN; February 28, 2017: Bromelkamp Company LLC, known for its affordable and customizable foundation management software, announced recently that the Keweenaw Community Foundation has selected Community for its integrated data management solution. This solution is considered by many to be best in class integrated community foundation technology -- encompassing robust CRM, fund accounting, grants management and gifts/fundraising tools combined with the power of cloud-computing. Bromelkamp Company takes pride in staying connected with grantmakers' needs, and is committed to providing creative, insightful solutions for community foundations.

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Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Chooses First 

Minneapolis, MN; January 6, 2017: When the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation staff began their search for a flexible yet creative solution to their scholarship processing needs, they didn't have to look far. Their previous experience with Bromelkamp Company's software gave them first-hand knowledge of Bromelkamp's commitment to innovative product development, outstanding service, and personalized customer support. Based on that knowledge, the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation decided to look at Bromelkamp's cloud solution, First - a complete, integrated CRM and grant management system that is both powerful and intuitive.

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CRM for Grantmaking: It's All About Relationships 

Minneapolis, MN; October 31, 2016: Grants management systems have existed for several decades, but most have not evolved beyond the routine tasks of recording and processing transactions. The newest technologies available not only allow you to manage transactions, but also document and help cultivate relationships with grantees, collaborators, donors, and other stakeholders. Bromelkamp Company LLC is hosting CRM for Grantmaking: It's All About Relationships, a free workshop demonstrating the power of CRM for grantmaking. No matter what software you use, this session will enlighten how you consider your work with helpful tips and resources. Join President Henry A. Bromelkamp as he demonstrates effective relationship management using CRM, as well as for a conversation about how your grants management can go beyond transactions and help you build your community.

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Fund Accounting: What You Need to Know 

Minneapolis, MN; September 28, 2016: Bromelkamp Company's integrated software solutions for community foundations include built-in functionality that automate the four unique features required of true "fund accounting." Small to mid-size foundations often begin maintaining their fund accounting activities using Excel or QuickBooks, though as they grow so too does the complex nature of their transactions. With nearly forty years' experience, Bromelkamp Company has offered an integrated software solution that can produce up-to-date and correct fund balances at a moment's notice. If you're a foundation CEO, CFO, or Finance Committee member and want to know the secret to having complete confidence in your finance and fund statements, join Henry A. Bromelkamp for the webinar "Four Things to Teach Your Accountant," on September 29th at 1:00 pm (CT).

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