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Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

User Newsletters

Part of our commitment to your ongoing success involves fostering your continued learning about our software and how it can make your work easier. We also want to make sure you know all that's possible with our products, as well as getting first notice of our newest features. Our user newsletters complement our other learning opportunites and provide for those with a more independent learning style.


Pearls of Wisdom: Newsletter for Pearl, First Pearl, and Community Pearl users.

March 2017 - When Your Contact Changes Jobs - Updating Pearl; Academy 2017 Save the Date

November 2016 - Custom Event Name Tags; Sign Up for ACH Auto-Pay

July 2016 - The Power of the Pearl Find List; Narrowing or Expanding Your Find List; Customizing the Find List

March 2016 - Bromelkamp Academy 2016; LastName^FirstName: Why a Caret?

November 2015 - Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar; Microsoft Operating Systems, Software and Pearl

July 2015 - Backups and Copies of Pearl; 2015 Bromelkamp Academy


Pearl POST: Newsletter for Pearl Fund Accounting users.

April 2017 - To Transfer or Not to Transfer?; Automatic Uploads

December 2016 - Upcoming Webinar: Pearl Accounting; Preparing Your 1099-MISC

August 2016 - Pearl Update 5.04 - Fund Accounting Reports, PostedName, Donor Duplicate Finder

April 2016 - Best Practices for Folio Creation; - Repeat This Grant, Activity Tracking

December 2015 - Time to Prepare Your IRS 1099-MISC

August 2015 - Knowing How and When to Transfer Assets Click: Newsletter for administrators.

January 2017 - Annual Maintenance of Application Grant Types; Builder

September 2016 - Quickly Find Forms; Using Branch Logic in Your Forms

May 2016 - PDF Report Improvements; Editing Administrative Messages

January 2016 - Updating Login Page and Password Assistance Message; Monthly Server Maintenance

September 2015 - Application Status Defined

May 2015 - Modifying the User Registration Page


Dynamic Newsletter for First and Community users.

February 2017 - New in Payment Creator Business Process

October 2016 - Consider Bromelkamp Learning Opportunities; Email Templates vs. Mail Merge Templates

June 2016 - Password Policy Update; Search and Look-up Tips;

February 2016 - Sending Email in Workflows; Choose Your Own Home Screen

October 2015 - Modifying Reports; Update to Managed Solution

June 2015 - Using Email Distribution Lists in Workflows; Multi-Entity Search in