Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology



Whether you are looking to improve basic record keeping, office automation, or overall data and knowledge management, our First Pearl grant management software is a scalable solution for private and family foundations. Written in Microsoft® Access, this concise product can be tailored to meet your needs today and can change and grow with your foundation.  View or download our brochures: First Pearl, Bromelkamp Company.




Contacts Tracking/CRM

  • Manage all contact information in a single location; changes here update everything
  • Compose letters and emails with just one click
  • Chronicle all communications and related documents, including reminders
  • Group contacts with multi-level coding
  • View all applications and other contacts for a single organization
  • Move easily between contacts in one organization
  • Integrate with Outlook and your PDA using our optional Outlook Synchronizer companion product
firstpearl 01 contacts tracking

Comprehensive Grants Management

firstpearl 02 grantsmanagement
  • Enter all data on a single screen entry
  • Relate all involved parties
  • Automate entire grant process: manage timelines, correspondence and review process
  • Schedule and track reports and payments easily and with flexibility
  • View and complete applicant history
  • Integrate fully with Pearl Fund Accounting
  • Chronicle all grant communications and documents, including reminders

Merge Letters & Email

  • Use easy standard form letters
  • Record automatically when letter is generated
  • Customize letter appearance
  • Tailor letter content based on specific recipient data records
  • Output letters to paper, screen, email or file
firstpearl03 mergeletters

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

firstpearl 04 reports
  • Use easy standard report formats
  • Create your own reports using report builder
  • Customize report appearance
  • Specify sorting with pop-up questions
  • Output reports to paper, screen, email or file
  • Evaluate program successes using long-term results

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