Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology



Integrated data management is a cornerstone of good stewardship. Bromelkamp's Community Pearl grant management software integrates all essential functions of community foundations, including contact management, grant and gift management, and multi-faceted fund accounting. Fund Accounting automates essential functions like joint investment allocation, fund fees assessment, and spendable allotment. Written in Microsoft® Access, this concise product can be tailored to meet your needs today and grow with your foundation. View or download our brochures: Community Pearl; Bromelkamp Company.



Contacts Tracking/CRM

community 01 contacts tracking
  • Manage all contact information in a single location; changes here update everything
  • Compose letters and emails with just one click
  • Chronicle all communications and related documents, including reminders
  • Group contacts with multi-level coding
  • View all applications and other contacts for a single organization
  • Move easily between contacts in one organization
  • Integrate with Outlook and your PDA using our optional Outlook Synchronizer companion product

Comprehensive Grants Management

  • Enter all data on a single screen entry
  • Relate all involved parties
  • Automate entire grant process: manage timelines, correspondence and review process
  • Schedule and track reports and payments easily and with flexibility
  • View and complete applicant history
  • Integrate fully with Pearl Fund Accounting
  • Chronicle all grant communications and documents, including reminders
community 02 grantmanagement

Merge Letters & Email

community 03 merge
  • Use easy standard form letters
  • Record automatically when letter is generated
  • Customize letter appearance
  • Tailor letter content based on specific recipient data records
  • Output letters to paper, screen, email or file

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

  • Use easy standard report formats
  • Create your own reports using report builder
  • Customize report appearance
  • Specify sorting with pop-up questions
  • Output reports to paper, screen, email or file
  • Evaluate program successes using long-term results
community 04 report

Comprehensive Fund Managment

community 05 fundform
  • Manage fund creation, purpose and requirements
  • View contribution and grant history
  • Relate all involved parties, such as advisors, report recipients, and beneficiaries
  • Match fund interests to grant opportunities
  • See current fund evaluation

Fund Interests & Spendable Balances

  • Match grant interests to fund sources
  • Pay grants from one or more funds
  • Integrate fully with Pearl Fund Accounting
  • Jump to fund record to check requirements and balance
community 06 fundform

Scholarship Management

community 07 grantsmanagement
  • Track application from initial receipt through final report
  • Schedule and track payment
  • View all scholarship application information in one place
  • Integrate fully with Pearl Fund Accounting

Prospect and Donor Cultivation

  • Relate all involved parties: liaisons, staff assistant, financial advisor, etc.
  • View comprehensive gift history; easily jump to see details on any gift
  • Indicate donor funding interests
  • Record demographic and family background: employer, partner, priorities
  • Compose letters and emails with one click
  • Chronicle all correspondence, discussions and documents, including reminders
community 08 donorsprospects

Campaign Managment

community 09 donorcampaign
  • View individual gifts by campaign
  • Group various appeals within each campaign
  • Track and report performance to goal

Gift Processing

  • Automate the entire gift cycle: commitment, pledge, payment, and thank you
  • Follow matching & challenge grants
  • Remember memorial and honorary gifts
  • Document stock and in-kind gifts
  • Chronicle all communications and supporting documentations
  • Integrate fully with Pearl Fund Accounting
community 10 donorgifts

Fund Accounting

Community Pearl includes a fully functional fund accounting system which meets baseline accounting expectations and meets the unique accounting needs of a community foundation including:

community 11 generaljournal
  • Fund Fee Assessment
  •  ACH Capabilities
  • Dynamic Budgeting Tools
  • Spendable Allotment
  • Joint Investment Allocation
  • Comprehensive Reporting Functions
  • Simple asset management tools and functionality
  • Fully integrated with gifts (receipts) and grants (disbursements)
  • Complete coverage of foundation and accounting operations
  • Three segment transaction coding - center, fund, and account - (related reporting capabilities)

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