Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Password Renewal Instructions 

When you proceed with the instructions below, you will be prompted for the number of licenses, expiration date and password information which you should have received via email. Please have the email message open in another window as you follow these instructions. It will include:

  • Number of Licenses (PearlLicenseCount)
  • Expiration Date (PearlPasswordExpires)
  • Password (PearlLicensePassword)

You do not need to open Pearl exclusively to renew the password; others can be using Pearl when you renew it (however, if you have Access Security, you do need to log in as SecurityManager). Simply click on the "Utilities" button on the Pearl Navigator, click once on the "Renew Licensing" option to select it, then click the "OK" button.

Please refer to image below for examples of the three prompts. In the first prompt, verify the number of licenses matches the PearlLicenseCount in your email. If it doesn't match, call the consulting team at the number below. In the next prompt that comes up (for PearlPasswordExpires), you'll see the date: 12/31/2018. Just change the year from 2018 to 2019 so that the result is 12/31/2019.

An important tip regarding the password: many characters look alike. For example, the upper-case letter I (I), lower-case letter L (l), and the number one (1) all look alike. It's hard to know which one Pearl is expecting. Therefore, we recommend that you copy the password itself from the email and paste it into Pearl when prompted, instead of typing it in. When copying, be careful not to pick up any blank spaces before or after the password itself. To paste, use either the right-click button on your mouse or the keyboard command Ctrl+V, there is no menu command in this case.

When you have answered all three prompts, you are finished. To verify the renewal worked, please exit and re-enter Pearl. If you have problems, please call the consulting team at 877-767-6701 x3.


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