Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Four Reasons to Choose Online Software Reason #2: Staff and Volunteer Flexibility (Part 2 of 4)

Foundation administrative staff and offices are organized in a myriad of ways. Foundations often have a blend of full and part-time employees and unpaid volunteers. Office locations are sometimes tucked within for-profit organizations, have multiple office locations in the geographic locations they serve, or operate remotely out of spare bedrooms and coffee shops.

However, no matter how the foundation's administration is set up, many of them have one thing in common: the need for flexibility. Installed software can be counterintuitive to this need. Information is often difficult to access because it resides in one office and sometimes on just one computer. This can be a problem when staff members need access to the same information, even if they are in remote offices or traveling. If your foundation's installed software has these challenges, there is another option:

Four Reasons to Choose Online Software Reason #1: IT Resource Optimization (Part 1 of 4)

Many foundations are moving from manual systems or installed software to online solutions that streamline and manage their administrative functions. There are a number of reasons to make the switch and this is the first part in a four part blog series that will consider four central reasons why foundations convert to online software.

While software can alleviate time spent on many manual processes and free staff time to further their mission, it is often difficult for foundations to implement a new software systems due to IT resource constraints.

Four Reasons to Choose Online Software Reason #3: Budget Considerations (Part 3 of 4)

Foundation software can be expensive. First there is the software package investment and the possible need to purchase new hardware. Then there are the costs associated with IT staff for installation, integration with other systems, maintenance and upgrades. To top it off, special funding may be required due to the hefty up-front costs often associated with installed software. There is however another option to consider:

Online software may save you significantly in upfront expenses and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Four Reasons to Choose Online Software for Your Foundation Reason #4: Integration and Ease of Use (Part 4 of 4)

Organizations will often spend many hours discussing, researching and calculating the costs of a new software solution. However it is easy to overlook an important aspect: the time it takes to implement and train on new software. It is a common oversight many organizations make and it can be a frustrating and costly mistake.

Implementation and training time should factor into your overall decision and here are several questions you can address as part of your software evaluation process:

When Scraps of Paper and Your Memory Are Not Enough

Where is that grocery store receipt where I jotted the name of that plumber Mary recommended?

Do you remember when Uncle Ron's birthday is?

Why do I have this crumpled napkin with a phone number on it?

Did you forgot to record that in the checkbook?

Has George paid us for his share of the wedding gift yet?

If questions like these are common in your household, you may already realize that ineffective recording and tracking of information can result in a chaotic home.