Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Four Reasons to Choose Online Software Reason #1: IT Resource Optimization (Part 1 of 4)

Many foundations are moving from manual systems or installed software to online solutions that streamline and manage their administrative functions. There are a number of reasons to make the switch and this is the first part in a four part blog series that will consider four central reasons why foundations convert to online software.

While software can alleviate time spent on many manual processes and free staff time to further their mission, it is often difficult for foundations to implement a new software systems due to IT resource constraints.

Administrators often cite IT staff time limitations as a roadblock to implementing a software solution. IT staff may be overtaxed with managing current IT infrastructure. New software adds more IT time to research and evaluate new hardware and software requirements and develop a plan to integrate it into current systems.

Other IT challenges include budget constraints that do not allow for additional IT hardware or software purchases or the internal or outsourced resources to maintain them, ensure best practice data security, and back-up protocols. Foundations do have an option that eliminates all of these IT challenges.

Online software, often called cloud software, allows administrators to securely access software via the internet and eliminates the need for additional internal IT resources.

Online software optimizes IT resources because it will:

  • Reduce expenses related to hardware and software purchases.
  • Eliminate costs associated with IT maintenance and upgrade time.
  • Increase security and ensure data backups with industry best practices.
  • Provide specialized outsourced IT resources with no need to train or hire staff.

Foundations often find online software optimizes their IT resources and reduces infrastructure costs. However is online software right for your organization? Read this tip sheet:

Is Online Software is Right for Your Foundation? 10 Essential Questions

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