Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Four Reasons to Choose Online Software Reason #3: Budget Considerations (Part 3 of 4)

Foundation software can be expensive. First there is the software package investment and the possible need to purchase new hardware. Then there are the costs associated with IT staff for installation, integration with other systems, maintenance and upgrades. To top it off, special funding may be required due to the hefty up-front costs often associated with installed software. There is however another option to consider:

Online software may save you significantly in upfront expenses and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Online software typically has an implementation fee, then modest monthly or annual user fees. Here is what you do not have to pay for with online software:

  • No software purchases.
  • No hardware costs.
  • No capital expenditures.
  • No IT staff expenses related to installation, upgrades and scheduled maintenance.

What you do get with online software is highly skilled professionals managing the software for you, up-to-date software versions and best-practice back-up and security procedures; all for a low, predictable cost.

Budget considerations are one reason to evaluate online software; however, make sure it is right for your organization. Learn more with this tip sheet:

Is Online Software Right for your Foundation? 10 Essential Questions

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