Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Connected Data Improves Donor and Fund Management

The key to success is a reliable database.

When preparing to meet with donor or trustees you must rely on your database to provide up to the minute facts. If you find yourself improvising or piecing together different files and data points to provide the full story then your system is inefficiencies and increases the margin of error. By consolidating your data into one integrated system you can assure your stakeholders of a complete and accurate picture.

50% Reduction in Workload Frees Time to Focus on Giving

In most foundations considerable staff time is spent administrating grant applications and distributions. This workload is often made up of manual processes like scanning and copying documents, keying in contact information and pulling data to create reports. Then, in many cases staff and trustees work from a variety of locations, all needing access to grantee data and reports. This administrative time can be costly and take away from high-priority activities that affect the foundation's purpose.

A Long and Rich History of Commitment Meets Today's Technology

"Why can't this do what I want it to do?" We have all had those moments of frustration where the software we are working in is not flexible enough to accommodate our organization's unique needs and processes. Cape Cod Five Foundation was concerned about that exact problem when they went in search of grant making software that would align with their refined giving processes.