Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Inspired Design meets Dynamic Technology

Bromelkamp Foundation 2016 Grant Recipients


GMCC/Department of Indian Work

Agindaasodaa! (Let's Read) Program
Minneapolis, MN

The Division of Indian Work was founded in 1952 to serve American Indian families relocating to the Twin Cities in search of employment. Our mission is to empower American Indian people with culturally-based education, counseling, advocacy and leadership development. Among our youngest program participants are K-3 students at the Anishinabe Academy. Through our Agindaasodaa! (Let's Read) program, we help the students attain reading levels that are appropriate for their age groups.



Lyndale Neighborhood Association

Horn Towers ESL Pilot Project
Minneapolis, MN



The Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) is the vehicle for our community members to shape their neighborhood. It is our vision to engage our diverse community members to build a safe, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhood. The Horn Towers Pilot Project expands the reach and impact of the Lyndale ESL Program by holding classes in a public housing site where many of our Somali elders call home. LNA's ESL teachers designed the curriculum specifically for this population, focusing on language that students would need to communicate with health care providers, housing authorities, and other social service agencies. The project brings this special class to where people are, their home, and helps to empower adults who have reported feeling isolated and frustrated due to their lack of access to literacy education.







Learning Disabilities Association (LDA Minnesota)

Learning Connections: Increasing Literacy Skills for Low Income K-12 Students
Golden Valley, MN

The Learning Disabilities Association (LDA Minnesota), a nonprofit education agency, helps children, youth, and adults with or at risk for learning and attention challenges to achieve their potential in work, school, and life. One in five individuals has a learning challenge, whether it's a learning disability, ADHD, or other learning difference. Others impacted by poverty or lack of access to early childhood education may also struggle with learning. LDA Minnesota works to serve all of these populations through our programs and services, using best practices for individuals who learn differently.LDA-LearningConnections

LDA's largest community program, Learning Connections, provides academic interventions to more than 500 low-income children annually at urban schools who are strugglilng with math or reading. LDA's program fulfills an unmet need for a particular group of students not being served by other special interventions within the schools. LDA's program fills a gap for students who require more individualized and specialized instruction in order to achieve academic success.


Success story:

Alycia was a third grader at an LDA Minnesota partner elementary school in Minneapolis. She struggled to read at the same level as her classmates. "I want to read like my friends, and not be scared if I'm called on by my teacher," Alycia told her LDA Minnesota Learning Connections teacher. In 30 hours of intensive literacy instruction by an LDA's teacher, Alycia gained 1.2 grade levels and is well on her way to closing the achievement gap. 

Now an enthusiastic reader, Alycia has graduated back to the regular classroom and claims, "Before I didn't even like to read, but now I read chapter books. I never thought of going to college or anything like that, but now I want to be a kindergarten teacher and read to my kids."